Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Vs Conventional, which is the best?

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Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Vs Conventional, which is the best?

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Laparoscopic hernia surgery (also called repair of hernia) or conventional hernia surgery, which is the best? Before getting to understand which procedure is the best or not? It is very important to understand what is a hernia? and what procedures are there is correct this condition?

When an internal organ or any other body part invades through the muscle wall or a tissue lying over that organ, is known as a hernia. The majority of the hernias seen are in the abdominal cavity.

The aim of the surgical correction of hernia is to push back the protruding organ where it belongs to. The surgical procedure is known as case hernioplasty.

Hernioplasty can be carried out by two different surgical methods. One is the laparoscopic hernioplasty and the other is the open hernioplasty.

At present, majority of the hernioplasties are being done using laparoscopy due to its advantages such as less blood loss, small incisions, early recovery, etc. But still, there are many conditions when open hernioplasty is better than laparoscopy and in many occasions, laparoscopy gives better results.

So, let us understand the difference between open and laparoscopy hernioplasty:

Open hernia surgery Laparoscopic hernia surgery
Till recent times, the most commonly used surgical technique. Nowadays surgeons and patients prefer this technique.
Easily performed under local anesthesia. Can be performed only in general anesthesia.
4-5 cm long incision is required. 1-2 cm long incision is required.
The placement of mesh is done both over and below the muscles. The placement of mesh is done under the muscles.
Within 1-3 weeks, the patients can get back to normalcy. Within 1-2 weeks, the patients can get back to normalcy.
Complex hernias can be easily repaired. Complex hernias are difficult to be repaired.
Patients experience more pain. Patients experience less pain.
Lesser operative time. Longer operative time.
Less cost. Higher cost.
A little less cosmetic. Better cosmetic outcome.

We can see that one procedure has some advantages/disadvantages over the other procedure. So, we cannot say which one is better? Many conditions allow for the decision for the type of surgery.

Some general rules followed for the decision of the type of surgery are – in case of a hernia on a single side, an open approach is adopted and in the case of both sides, the laparoscopic approach is taken. Difficult/complex hernias need open surgery. The cost is also a factor in taking the decision.

In conclusion, there is no direct formula for the selection of the type of surgery.

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