The Story of Sahaj hospital –

SAHAJ Hospital was inaugurated in 2009 in Indore. With this new endeavor, we seek to reach the zenith in our field.

In our first six years itself, we at Sahaj have achieved much that we are truly proud of. We have performed some very complex surgeries, have pushed ourselves every single day, and have tried to always live up to our endeavor of touching as many lives as possible. For us at SAHAJ, every day is a new day which comes with different opportunities, new challenges, and the opportunity to reach out to more people.

“ SAHAJ HOSPITAL” is the foremost state of art 25 Bedded 3D Endoscopic Super Specialty Surgery Center located in the heart of Indore city. We are skilled in Endoscopic surgeries at the international standard, we are having an expert panel of highly qualified doctors with world-class facilities under one roof.

At SAHAJ we stand for achieving Clinical Excellence with Social Relevance. Making a difference and having a larger impact on our Society at large is very fundamental to us. We want to make quality healthcare accessible to the poorer and we see this as our responsibility.

We are not content with resting on our accomplishments.  Pushing the norms and challenging the status quo is what motivates us to do even better. We at SAHAJ know we have a lot to feel proud of. In a short span of just 6 years, we have achieved a tremendous amount. But we want to do more and it is this energy and zeal that makes each moment an opportunity to exceed what has already been achieved. Our story, we believe is a journey. It has no end.

MP’S First 3D / HD Endoscopy surgery center –

Our center is one of the best centers in central India which is fully equipped with all the latest equipment which is essential for Endoscopic Surgeries. Hospital is having 3 MAJOR OT out of which one is equipped with LAMINAR AIR FLOW technology. All OTs are having impetrated double dome single reflector OT lights with full remote operating OT table. Hospital is having two HD cameras (KARL STORZ) with the added advantage of 3D/HD (First in central India). For patient safety, we are having our entire endoscopic instrument sterilized by ETO.

When it comes to the Anesthesia part the lovely  DATEX – OHMEDA ( USA) ASPIRE VIEW  anesthesia work station, which is having inbuilt best ventilator with reflecting all parameters even Intraabdominal pressure (very useful for the surgeon during laparoscopic surgery ) along with EtCo2 multipara monitor which shows Co2 level of the patient during surgery ( very useful for anesthetists).

We also have a BIS system to assess the depth of anesthesia inpatient under GA by which enhancing patient safety to the utmost level thereby preventing postoperative complication.

Hospital to be awarded the ISO-9001:2000 recognition.

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Sahaj Hospitals one of the pioneers of a state of the art Super Specialty Hospital committed to provide compassionate care to the people of the Indore and adjoining region. The spectrum of other services, the hospital still serves as the most comprehensive, affordable, and dependable health care institution to the community. Clinical Finesse, Sincere Service, Dedicated People, Affordable Price, and Unmatched Quality are the five pillars of the hospital. SAHAJ HOSPITALS had its humble beginnings in 2009 in a hospital set up by its visionary founder, Dr. VINOD VORA JAIN in INDORE, Madhya Pradesh. Sahaj hospitals dedicated to excellence in medical services. We provide the highest quality patient-centric care. Sahaj Hospitals carefully chosen team of experts, who are internationally-recognized healthcare professionals from over 30 specialties, is dedicated to providing top-notch patient care using world-class medical equipment and superior technology. In collaboration with our doctors is a proactive team of nurses and staff that helps us to ensure that patients always receive the latest and most effective treatments in evidence-based medicine.

From providing accurate diagnoses to administering safe, time-tested medical treatment, Sahaj Hospitals pledges to deliver the highest standard of personalized care to its patients so that they can lead full, healthy, and happy lives.

As an ISO 9001- 2008 institution for rendering Super Specialty Health Care Services, Sahaj had also been declared as a referral hospital of the first choice for treatment

Though the enormous patient load tends to put tremendous pressure on the already constrained resources, we still provide quality and prompt services.

The Hospital provides tertiary level clinical care, backed by a specialist in a multidisciplinary team of doctors. The hospitals have some of the finest technologies available in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The team of doctors at the hospital is one of the most cohesive and committed. The charges are competitive when compared with hospitals with equivalent technology.

Today, Team Sahaj is thinking beyond the horizon. Completely understanding the need of the hour, Team Sahaj is on a sincere endeavor to reach out to the patients. We are focused on patient service and patient satisfaction and are making continuous quality care. This can only be achieved by building a ‘Bridge Of Trust’ between the healthcare provider and community, so that community can crossover to the hospital. Under the vision of the new management, steps are being taken to inculcate the culture of dealing with Empathy and Compassion combined with Coordination and Competency”. The initiative also ensures transparency and a human face in its administration. Our emphasis is on providing services at true value for money and total patient satisfaction.


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